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About Our Beef

How many head of cattle do you have and what is the breed (or predominant breed)?

We market about 40 head of cattle per year. We raise Purebred Registered Black Angus cattle. We started our herd with some of the best Genetics we could find at the time and continue to strive for genetic excellence each year, with every animal.

What is your pasture size and how often do you rotate?

Our Cattle are grown on pasture all year. They have access to shelter along with an extensive area of wooded pasture. We rotate the cattle on approximately 140 acres of land depending on what crops are grown at the time. Our animals have plenty of access to fresh, clean cold water all year long. They have access to shade in the summer months as well.

Are you an organically certified farm?


Do you use antibiotics or growth hormones?

We do NOT use any antibiotics on ANY animal that we butcher and sell here at the store. If an animal gets sick or injured (a very rare occurrence), we treat it with needed drugs or antibiotics and that animal will be marked and sent to a conventional market.

Describe the length of finishing time.

Our cattle are grown at their Natural pace. They are fed an all natural diet and are also given minerals that they need to be healthy. And they are processed between 22-29 months of age.