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History of Beef Jerky

Tucker's Black Angus Ranch Beef Jerky

“Ch’arki”, a name derived from the Quechuan language of the Incas (which literally translates into “dried meat”), later evolved into what we now call jerky. The discovery of Jerky allowed humans to both store food for long periods of time and have an easily carried, dense source of nutrition to take with them on journeys. Jerky is both flavorful and…

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Choosing the Best Meat for Beef Stew

Tucker's Black Angus Ranch Beef Stew

It’s fall. It’s chilly. Maybe you have friends or family coming over later. Beef stew is on the menu. It’s tempting to spring for some steak to make your stew extra-special, isn’t it? But, friends, save your pennies because slow-cooked stews are where cheaper cuts really shine. It’s totally counter-intuitive. You know you want tender bites of beef in…

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Tucker's Black Angus Ranch Facebook Cover

Tucker’s Black Angus Ranch – North Lawrence, NY Justin and Kelli Tucker raise Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW beef cattle and dairy goats at Tucker’s Black Angus Ranch in North Lawrence, New York. Growing up on a dairy farm, Justin has always been very comfortable around animals and enjoyed helping his parents with their farm. After he joined the Marine Corps…

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